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Cowboy Crossings is back again this October in Okla- homa City, right where you would expect to find today’s finest in visual and functional art born of cowboy roots. The National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum presents Cowboy Crossings as two great exhibitions and one exceptional event. The Cowboy Artists of America (CAA) 47th Annual Sale & Exhibition has returned to the Museum where it was established in 1966. That’s not all! Sharing top billing is the Museum’s longstanding Traditional Cowboy Arts Association (TCAA) 14th Annual Exhibition & Sale.

The best-of-the-best in these unique genres is featured opening weekend, October 12-13, and it’s an important rendezvous of two organizations founded on excellence and integrity in their respective fields of fine art. This extraordinary event provides fans and collectors from around the world their best opportunity to see and acquire top quality work to be treasured for generations.

The CAA represents some of the most regarded Cowboy artists, including 20 Active and four Emeritus members anticipated to exhibit more than 100 works of art. “It’s wonderful to be surrounded by all of the culture and memories we relate to, and it enhances our groups’ works to be viewed by people who love the West,” said Tim Cox, president of the Cowboy Artists of America.

The TCAA is dedicated to preserving and promoting saddlemaking, bit and spur making, silversmithing and rawhide braiding, traditional crafts evolved from the cowboy culture of the American West. TCAA members are master craftsmen who have elevated their work to an artistic level, and in 2012, 15 members are expected to offer more than 40 works of functional art for purchase and exhibition. “Where else could you go to find such a group of talented and passionate individuals with one goal—the celebration of the North American West?” said Scott Hardy, TCAA president.

The Museum is hosting a full complement of activities as part of Cowboy Crossings. All inclusivereservations packages are available for purchase, as well as ala carte event pricing. Reservations are required for the Banquet on October 13, but most other activities have at least limited tickets available at the door.

The general public is encouraged to attend the Cowboy Crossings Autograph Party beginning at 10 a.m., Saturday, October 13. Purchase the commemorative event poster and collector’s catalogs from The Museum Store and meet the artists.

Ticketed events include Friday’s Preview and Reception and Saturday’s Cowboy Crossings Luncheon, the Sale and the Banquet. The Banquet includes the CAA awards ceremony and a TCAA presentation.

The CAA exhibition and sale continue through November 25, while the TCAA fine art will be on display and available for purchase through January 6, 2013. Both exhibitions are highly popular during major equestrian events held throughout the autumn in the Horse Show Capital of the World.

“We constantly strive to serve as America’s premier institution preserving and interpreting the history of the American West,” said Museum President Chuck Schroeder. “We believe that bringing Cowboy Crossings to the National Cowboy Museum is one of our most exciting and historic events in the art world.

“We especially appreciate of all the sponsors who are making Cowboy Crossings possible, including Presenting Sponsor Burnett Ranches, Anne and John Marion and Supporting Sponsors Alan and Nadine Levin, OKC Convention and Visitors Bureau and the Dobson Family Foundation. Associate Sponsors for the exhibit are High Noon Western America, Cowboys & Indians, Southwest Stationery and Bank Supply Inc., Western Art & Architecture, Western Art Collector and Western Horseman. The Museum is truly in a leadership position in the world of Western art thanks to them along with our Museum Partners— Devon Energy Corporation, Chesapeake Energy Corporation and the E.L. Thelma Gaylord Foundation—and a host of other supporters.”

Reservations can be made online at or by contacting the Museum at (405) 478-2250. The exhibitions may be viewed via online catalogs. Proxy bidding service is available for patrons wishing to purchase art but unable to attend. Visit or contact The Museum Store online for the 2012 commemorative poster and collector’s catalogs.

Participating Artists

Cowboy Artists of America
Wayne Baize
Tom Browning
Gary Carter
John Coleman
Tim Cox
Loren Entz
Bruce R. Greene
Martin Grelle
John Brent Jarvis
Oreland C. Joe Sr.
Paul Moore
Bill Nebeker
Gary Niblett
Jim C. Norton
Bill Owen
Dave Powell
Clark Kelley Price
Jason Rich
R.S. Riddick
Jason Scull

CAA Emeritus Members
Harley Brown
Fred Fellows
David Halbach
T.D. Kelsey

Traditional Cowboy
Arts Association
David Alderson
Rick C. Bean
Wilson Capron
Mark Drain
Scott Hardy
Leland Hensley
Mehl Lawson
Pablo Lozano
Ernie Marsh
Pedro Pedrini
Cary Schwarz
Chuck Stormes
Nate Wald
John Willemsma
Russell Yates

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