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KEY Oklahoma City

The area known as Automobile Alley has a very diverse history. The main core, Broadway Avenue, was part of Oklahoma City from the very beginning. It was the primary north-south street of the growing new town. The Automobile Alley historic district was developed primarily in the 1920's, as a commercial district, boasting OKC growing auto industry.

Today, Automobile Alley is a bustling district that has taken on a face of its own. Vacant space has given way to shops, offices and restaurants in every direction to explosive growth of downtown residents and visitors.

key oklahoma cityTwo warehouses at NW 10 and Broadway along Automobile Alley, largely vacant for a quarter century, came alive in December 2014 as home to an upscale restaurant, Broadway 10 and Bar Chophouse and a neighborhood wine bar, Sidecar Barley & Wine Bar. The new restaurant, located at 1101 N. Broadway Avenue, recently opened in the redesigned former Buick dealership.

Built in the 1920’s, Broadway 10 retains the floor-to-ceiling windows wrapped around the restaurant for a near-panoramic view of the district’s cultural revival. This is a great spot to watch the bustle of the city go by the large windows, and it has its own bustle inside. The atmosphere is energetic and happening.

Two entrepreneurs, Jeff Dixon and Aaron Soward weren’t interested in reinventing the chophouse with Broadway 10 Bar & Chophouse. They wanted to improve it – and they did with a fun and sophisticated twist on the traditional steakhouse. The "openness" of the restaurant, including the bar area and the food prep area, is perfect. You can see the live, wood fired flames peaking up under the grill and smell the fragrant steaks sizzling on top. The fire-roasting grill adds just enough touch of added flavor to be remarked on.

Their concept was to redefine the north gateway to Automobile Alley with the right mixture of intimacy and grandeur in the almost cavernous venue. The restaurant boasts a mezzanine with grand marble, tile mosaic and iron railing stairway to the mezzanine that originally served as office space for the Buick dealership. Warm colors and lush textures make the restaurant open and inviting. Fun design details pay homage to the building’s history.

The pair brought Chef John Patterson as chef de cuisine and built a solid menu. The menu is one page, with appetizers like steak tartare and calamari; soups and salads; and entrées of traditional cuts of steak, lamb and pork. Every cut of meat comes with a sauce and starch which is a nice change from the a la carte menu that you typically see at a steakhouse.

Then there is the unexpected: a sushi menu including The Buick, with crab salad, asparagus and spicy shrimp sauce. The menu also offers a fish of the day and organic wild-caught salmon. Portions are generous, and include the potato or other starch offerings that are as carefully crafted as the other menu items. The sauces are also a signature specialty, with several options offered.

Don't go in expecting a quiet secluded evening to yourself – the dining area is clearly designed to be a high-energy experience. The atmosphere is great, the food is really good but what keeps guests going back - above atmosphere and great food is the friendly staff – who are genuinely interested in ensuring your enjoyment.

Most people don’t get excited about a "steakhouse" - but Broadway 10's take on the chophouse will be one of the best experiences you will have. The dress ranges from jeans and polo to business suits. The clientele ranges from local businessmen in dark suits, young concertgoers, sports figures, sports fans and everything in between. The scene is very big city trendy with the right amount of noise and conversation. It's a high class restaurant without being pretentious.

The by the bottle wine list is outstanding and the “by the glass” wine list features an impressive selection as well. The hand crafted cocktails are of favorite of locals. Broadway 10 transports you to a dining experience equal to any big league city in the US.

Broadway 10 Chophouse is open Monday thru Thursday, 11am - 10pm; Friday and Saturday, 11am - 11pm; and Sunday, 11am - 9pm. For more reservation s and more info, call 405-212-3949 or visit


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