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KEY Oklahoma City

key oklahoma cityLocated in the heart of Bricktown, Coyote Ugly Oklahoma City opened its doors in 2009 to capacity crowds, with the world famous ‘Coyotes’ entertaining the thirsty patrons! As the doors opened – the Coyotes immediately jumped onto the bar and danced to a mix of classic and hard rock . . . and it just keeps getting better in a fun party atmosphere mixed in with singing, dancing, and a complete show every night.

Coyote Ugly’s founder Liliana ‘Lil’ Lovell grew up in a lower middle class family in New Rochelle, New York and worked two jobs to pay for a private high-school education and put gas in her '67 VW Bug. After graduation, Lil was bound for NYU. It was during her college years – she learned her business acumen from a series of jobs beginning with a pool hustling boss of Trevis Italian restaurant.

She began with three bartending shifts a week and when she became comfortable behind the bar, she found herself on top of the bar singing to whatever came on the jukebox, hustling drinks for customers while making a lot of money doing it. She did so well that the owner closed down the kitchen and turned his place into a bar that only sold liquor. A unique turn of events created an opportunity to rent the vacant space across the street – and through some weird circumstances found herself partnered with a friends' friend, Tony. Good bye Italian restaurant, hello Coyote Ugly.

Coyote Ugly Saloon first opened its doors to the public in Manhattan, on January 27th, 1993 and was an instant success. During the night Lil would dance on the bar, sing to the crowd and insult anyone who wasn't man enough to take her on in a drinking contest. She had perfected her business plan - beautiful girls + booze = money. She began training her girls to perform the shtick and the rest is history. Coyote Ugly Saloon quickly established itself in the hearts of New Yorkers as their preeminent drinking establishment.

key oklahoma cityCoyote Ugly gained national attention in early 1997 when a story called "The Muse of the Coyote Ugly Saloon" written for GQ magazine by former Coyote bartender, who also happens to be the author of Julia Roberts new movie (Eat, Pray, Love), Elizabeth Gilbert, shined a spotlight on the little bar in the East Village. Shortly after that, Hollywood came knocking and the movie rights to Lil's story were sold. "Coyote Ugly" opened in August 2000, starring Piper Perabo and Maria Bello. It has grossed over $100 million and a worldwide audience quickly learned what the phrase "We don't serve water here!" meant.

What makes this saloon different than most bars, is the sexy and sassy “coyotes” that pour drinks while keeping a beat from behind AND on top of the bar! The “coyotes” use the bar top as their stage for high energy singing of your favorite tunes and pulse raising dancing performances.

In order for these talented women to be called “coyotes” they had to audition against hundreds of women who traveled from all over the United States to be hand-selected by Lil herself. She selects her staff based on being great bartenders, singers, dancers, entertainers, who must have the ability to interact with customers. As if that wasn’t enough to please even the toughest critic, Coyote Ugly also offers state-of-the-art flat screens and a huge digital projection screen for watching your favorite sporting events.

Lil’s Coyote Ugly Saloons are still run with the same mission statement: Quick wit, unshakable assurance, and the ability to take your last dollar, has made Coyote Ugly what it is today. To this day, Lil’s parents are still asking when she is going to put her college education to use. She says it is her education that got her off the streets of New York and that has spawned a successful business and a movie and television series about the bar.

Coyote Ugly Oklahoma City is one of 24 locations in Lil’s ever expanding company, which now spans nine states and abroad (no pun intended) in Germany, Romania and Russia, and also boasts a reality show on MTV networks. Coyote Ugly brings in Coyotes from all over the world to all their bars, so you never know if one of their reality TV show stars or Russian Coyotes will be serving you your drink from on top of the bar.

Coyote Ugly is just a few steps from the Bricktown Ballpark, the Chesapeake Energy Center and Cox Convention Center as well as numerous hotels and restaurants in Downtown Oklahoma City. Coyote Ugly Saloon is open 7 days a week, 365 days a year and offers a high quality line of merchandise, multiple big screens and of course, the world famous coyotes!

You saw the movie – you loved the reality show – now your chance to experience the real thing. Coyote Ugly Saloon is located at 121 East California on the Bricktown Canal. For more information call 405-602-UGLY or visit






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