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Visitors to Oklahoma have the opportunity to view the biggest, the baddest, the Mother of all Cretaceous carnivores - “A T. rex Named Sue.” The special exhibition features the world's largest and most complete Tyrannosaurus rex. The exhibition, created by The Field Museum in Chicago, will be appearing at the Sam Noble Oklahoma Museum of Natural History May 6 through July 30.

“Sue” is one of the largest, if not the largest, of its kind ever discovered. Measuring 42 feet in length and 13 feet tall at the hip, "Sue" was one BIG predator. Imagine a creature whose hips stand three feet taller and whose tail extends three feet longer than a school bus, a creature weighing more than 6 tons that nevertheless can travel up to 14 feet in a single stride, with teeth up to a foot long, an appetite like a team of oilpatch roustabouts, and, very likely, a nasty attitude.

Sue is also the most complete T. rex specimen ever found - about 90 percent complete, in fact, which has been an enormous boon to scientists who study the life and times of T. rex and other dinosaurs of the Late Cretaceous Period. Sue lived about 67 million years ago - and roamed the earth for about 30 years.

The centerpiece of the traveling exhibition is a complete articulated replica of Sue's skeleton. Additional components of the exhibit include a number of interactive displays that will allow visitors to get a sense of how T. rex moved, fed, scented prey and used its famously diminutive forelimbs. The exhibit includes a full-scale eye-level replica of Sue's skull, with touchable models of Sue's enormous teeth - some 12 inches in length.

The museum is located on the University of Oklahoma Norman campus at 2401 Chautauqua Avenue. Additional information about the Sam Noble Oklahoma Museum of Natural History is available on the museum's Web site: or by calling (405) 325-4712.

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