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The ground moves, mountains explode, the sky turns black and violent – paradoxically, the natural forces that helped create life on our green planet can also imperil it. Audiences can experience nature’s incredible power like never before – the awesome spectacle of earthquakes, volcanoes and tornadoes – and the death-defying science behind them, as Forces of Nature continues at OmniDome Theater at Omniplex.

From an active Caribbean volcano to the earthquake-tested antiquities of Istanbul, and finally on to America’s notorious “Tornado Alley,” this film allows audiences to follow three scientists aiming to improve our odds of surviving these terrifying events.

At the Montserrat Volcano Observatory, Dr. Marie Edmonds keeps watch over Soufriere Hills, the island’s active volcano, where she searches for signs of future eruptions. Edmonds employs an arsenal of sophisticated instruments that she has developed for data collection on activity occurring miles below the surface.

Halfway around the world, different forces from Earth’s depths threaten life above. Turkey sits atop one of the most seismically active faults in the world, where continental plates float on extremely hot rock, grinding against each other and building stress that demands geologic relief. In the ancient city of Istanbul, geophysicist Dr. Ross Stein has spent much of his career studying the rumblings of the North Anatolian Fault.

There are other places where the ground holds steady, but disaster strikes from above. In the United States alone, tornadoes kill dozens of people each year. Not all rotating storms spawn tornadoes, so it is up to scientists like Dr. Joshua Wurman to try to figure out which ones do, greatly aiding warning efforts. Wurman’s enduring mission is to get a radar’s-eye view inside a tornado, solving the mystery of how these funnel clouds are born. Forces of Nature delivers a wild ride as Wurman’s team manages to corner a massive twister.

Admission to OmniDome Theater presentations is $7.50 for adults (13-64) and $6.00 for seniors (65+) and children (3-12). OmniDome Theater presentations can also be added to museum admission at a discounted rate. Children under three are admitted free of charge but must sit on an adult’s lap during the presentation.

For more information about OmniDome Theater and its current features, please visit or call (405) 602-DOME (3663).

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