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KEY Oklahoma City

Oklahoma's Premiere Destination for Family Fun

Over eight acres of hands-on science experiences with thousands of space, aviation and cultural artifacts to stimulate the imagination. With brand new exhibits, live entertainment shows, one-of-a-kind IMAX films and a newly renovated Science Floor, Science Museum Oklahoma rocks. As the state’s only physical science museum and a Smithsonian Affiliate, Science Museum Oklahoma reveals the wonder and relevance of science in our everyday lives.

A lot of tools have been going in and out of Science Museum Oklahoma lately and it has nothing to do with the new roof that’s going up. One of the newest art gallery exhibits entitled, The Art of the Tool will change the way you look at not just the tools around your house, but tools all over the world. So much of the history and design of the everyday tools we use is taken for granted, and The Art of the Tool is a chance for people to step back and realize the simple elegance of these every day time savers.

The Museum turns its guests’ world upside down with the exhibit, Mind Games. Walking through Mind Games is like walking through Wonderland. Nothing is quite what it appears to be, but everything begs to be seen. Mind Games takes the science of how we see and what our brains do when we see and marries it with some of the most innovative art in history. It is one of the most visitor challenging exhibits Science Museum Oklahoma has ever developed. It’s smart, it’s fun and an incredible experience.

Visitors can experience the Satellite Galleries and venture under the sea with the exhibit entitled Silver Seas. The gallery, which focuses primarily on undersea life and environments, gives guests an intimate view of thriving ocean life – a sight that may seem rare to people following the gulf oil spill situation.

This exhibit offers a great example of why the preservation of ocean life is vital to both the survival of human beings and the survival of the large number of species around the planet that depend on the ocean. At a time when we face critical issues about the health of the ocean, we need the inspiration of such images to remind us of what is at risk. The ocean is, after all, the main engine driving and controlling the earth’s climate. Without it, life here as we know it, and humanity in particular, would not only be unable to survive – it would never have evolved in the first place.

Detectives of all ages can delve deep into the scientific world of criminal investigations in the exhibit Whodunit: The Science of Solving Crimes. Visitors get an up-close look at the technologies and crime-solving methods used by forensic scientists and professionals within the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation.

This exhibit brings to life those methods and gets the entire family excited about exploring the forensic sciences and makes connections between the relevance of science and our everyday lives. The exhibit also will familiarize visitors with some of Oklahoma’s most historic crimes and the role OSBI played in their outcome.

Science Live is a daily live science performance show where visitors can witness the mysteries of chemistry and physics, including some amazing chemical-reaction explosions with shows performed daily visitors should not miss it.

Science Museum Oklahoma reveals the wonder and relevance of science in our everyday lives. Get up to your elbows in science with acres of hands-on experiences, thousands of space, aviation and cultural artifacts and new exhibits always on the horizon. Blast off beyond the Milky Way in the Planetarium Theater and you’ll love traveling to new worlds while watching IMAX movies in the dome theater. Let your inner-child run wild!

The museum is open Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. - 5 p.m., Saturday from 9 a.m. - 6 p.m. and Sunday from 11 a.m. - 6 p.m. General Admission which includes all hands-on exhibits, Science Live! and the Planetarium is $10.95 for adults and $8.95 for children (3-12) and seniors (64+). Exhibits plus Dome Theater tickets are $14.95 (adults) and $11.95 (children and seniors). Dome Theater tickets only are $8.45 (adults) and $6.95 (children and seniors). Some traveling exhibits may require and additional fee. Check here for detailed pricing information or call (405) 602-6664.

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